Begue Pokai is partners of “Andem in Senegal the tour guide in Senegal for small groups (in Italian Language).

At Begue Pokai you can also taste and buy as present the local jam made from Les delices de Mbiné Mangouné

Adotta un Albero” & “Boutique No Plastique” are two projects aimed at reducing the impact of consumption of plastics and to plant trees in Senegal.

The Projects are supported by Begue Pokai and Sunugal.

Boutique not Plastique is aimed at reducing the consumption of Plastic in the village of Toubab Dialaw.

Adotta un Albero is aimed at fighting desertification and planting 15.000 trees in Senegal🌳. The project is supported by the Sunugal Association in collaboration with villages, associations, schools, local communities which become “Hosting Families” and take care of the growing trees.

If you want to support the project please visit

Boutique No Plastique Logo

Boutique No Plastique

Through the involvement of 13 tailors and 25 drugstores we have reached the goal of distributing more than 700 shopping bags recycled from rice bags.

In november 2016 we have started a cleaning process in the village with the support of the inhabitants.

Watch the interview (In Italian) 



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